Prayer is such a vital part of Indian Youth Camp. Whether it is focused intercession during the week of camp, or continued prayer throughout the year, the people that uphold us in prayer are as essential as those who serve in any other staff position.

If you are interested in joining the Indian Youth Camp prayer team, there are a few ways you can become involved.

At camp: We have a team of volunteers who spend the week at camp lifting up the campers and staff throughout the day’s numerous activities. The Intercessory Prayer Team meets together during the morning and evening services and intercedes for specific areas of need. Intercessory Team members are free to work in other staff positions during camp as well. To join the Intercessory Prayer Team at camp, just fill out a staff application and indicate that you want to be part of the prayer team.

Throughout the year: Whether you serve on the prayer team at camp or not, we would love to have you uphold us in prayer throughout the year. There are so many components to what Indian Youth Camp does, and we need a prayer covering over every one of them.

If you would like to join the prayer team and intercede for Indian Youth Camp year round, please fill out the form below.

What we have listed below are general areas that you can intercede for. If you signed up for the prayer team, we will email you as specific needs arise.


IYC Prayer Needs:

Campers: Without the Native American young people that attend camp each year; there wouldn’t be a reason to hold it! Our largest prayer need is for the kids themselves. Please pray that God would draw youth from the reservations in Montana to Indian Youth Camp, and that their hearts would be open to receive Christ and the Holy Spirit. Please also pray for the campers who have attended IYC before, that they would continue to follow and seek after Christ, staying on fire for Him and impacting their surroundings and everyone they encounter.

Staff: We need adequate staff numbers to run Indian Youth Camp each year. Please pray that the Lord would touch the hearts of the people he is calling to serve and minister to the campers.

Finances: Indian Youth Camp relies on donations to function. Without people who partner with us financially, we wouldn’t be able to continue our mission. Please pray that God would provide the finances we need to operate, and that those who bless us with gifts would receive blessings in return.

Weather: Because Indian Youth Camp takes place in Montana in the month of June; there is always a chance of snow or rain. While we are able to hold camp in inclement weather, it is much nicer to have clear blue skies. Please pray that the Lord would provide good weather for the week of camp.